2 x LiSOCl2 battery C - ER26500

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    XENO Energy Lithium Thionyl Chloride C-battery. Great for a broad variety of applications within medical, military and E-Call.

    • 3.6V and 8500mAh

    • Suitable for battery packs

    • Superior long shelf life

    • Moderate Voltage Delay (TMV)

    Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCl₂)
    Cell size:
    Diameter: 25.8mm
    Height: 49.0mm
    Nominal voltage:3.6V
    Nominal capacity:8500mAh
    (at 3mA/20°C and 2.0V cut-off)
    Max. discharge current:Continuous: 0.15A
    Pulsed: 0.23A

    Maximum Pulse capability reading over 3.0V at 230mA/0.1sec. every 2 min. at +20°C, 10μA / cm² base current with fresh batteries.
    The pulse capability can be different to the cell status, environment.
    For max. pulse coverage, capacitor support is recommended.
    Terminals/Connector:STD, T1, AX, Wire and Connector
    Temperature range:Discharge: -55 to 85°C

    Please store batteries at a clean, cool (not over +30°C), dried (less than 30% RH) and ventilated condition.

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