2 x LiSOCl2 battery D - ER32L615

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    XENO Energy Lithium Thionyl Chloride D-battery. Great for a broad variety of applications within medical, military and E-Call.


    • 3.9V and 16000mAh

    • Suitable for battery packs

    • Superior long shelf life

    • Moderate Voltage Delay (TMV)

    Model: XL-2059F
    Chemistry:Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCl₂)
    Cell size:
    Diameter: 33.3mm
    Height: 60.0mm
    Nominal voltage:
    Nominal capacity:
    (at 30mA/20°C and 2.0V cut-off)
    Max. discharge current:
    Continuous: 230mA
    Pulsed: 400mA

    Maximum Pulse capability reading over 3.0V at 400mA/0.1sec. every 2 min. at +20°C, 10μA / cm² base current with fresh batteries.
    The pulse capability can be different to the cell status, environment.
    For max. pulse coverage, capacitor support is recommended.

    STD, T1, AX, Wire and Connector
    Temperature range:
    Discharge: -40 ~ +85°C

    Please store batteries at a clean, cool (not over +30°C), dried (less than 30% RH) and ventilated condition.

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