The Okra Solar battery solution prototype – How we made it
What is required when creating a battery solution for an ESS that needs to sustain heat, humid rain seasons and a consistent usage?
4 February, 2022 by
The Okra Solar battery
solution prototype – How we made it
GPBM France, Jérôme Noris

That was some of the criteria we had to respect when we designed the battery pack for our solution with Okra Solar and GPBM Industry. Starting in April 2021, we began with the study phase and during this stage we test parts from different suppliers. After testing we select which suppliers that will be providing the different parts for the battery solution. When choosing the different parts, it is important to select the ones that respect the client’s requirements, which resulted in us choosing prismatic cells with an aluminum casing. The study phase can take quite some time, and we did run into some difficulties due to the pandemic that we had to solve.

Six months later in October 2021, it was time to send our prototype to Okra Solar for testing. We take lithium-ion battery safety of utmost importance and were working hard on getting all the required certifications needed. However, due to the pandemic we were unable to ship the packs to our partner. We solved this through having Okra Solar send us their equipment so we could test at our headquarter in France instead.

As of today, we are waiting for the last goods for the packs. Once we have received the shipment, we will send our packs for certification at a partner lab in Germany. Here they will test and certify our packs according to IEC and UN. 

Having designed this pack gives us the benefit of not only gaining further experience in ESS solutions, but it also has given us a building ground for future projects. It’s an area we and our sister company GPBM Industry have excelled in the past couple of years and see to take a position as market leaders in.

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