What is an OLED?
19 May, 2022 by
What is an OLED?
GPBM France, Jérôme Noris

Organic Light-Emitting Diode, or OLED, is a digital display technology used in smart phones, TV-screens, computer monitors, and handheld gaming consoles. OLED displays works differently than classic LCD’s where the technology relies on a backlight to function. Instead, an OLED has its light produced by organic molecules.

How does it function?
The construction of OLED displays is fairly simple, with the organic emitter placed between two electrodes; an anode and a cathode. In order to make OLED displays sturdier for commercial use other layers such as blocking and electron transport layers are added and sandwiched between the electrodes. To finish it off the structure is deposited on a glass or plastic substrate and a display backplane.

Exploded view of an OLED.

OLED is a growing product area with a bright future. It is still an emerging and developing technology, thanks to expanding market areas in TV, smartphone, wearables, and VR. Next-generation OLED are foldable and rollable, as seen in the Samsung Fold series, which allows for a promising future in OLED products.

A Samsung Zfold smart phone.
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