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Customized battery packs

We offer special designed battery solution for your devices. Custom made in the center of Europe. At EXO Industry we design and manufacture the ideal battery solution for your application. The services we go through when making your solution are:

  • Electronic and mechanical design including BMS, soft and hard packs, PCM and more.

  • Quality Management System (QMS) for our production lines.

  • Technical support including pre-study, functional analysis, after sales and so on.

  • Quick prototyping and testing.

  • Project and global account management.

  • Certification requirements for your battery solution.

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European made

Our design and production facility is located in the heart of France. We also have locations all around Europe with sales and distribution in the Nordic countries, France and Italy.

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Wide range of solutions

Thin, large, short, coin, pouch - you name it. We have a wide range of solutions and chemisitries to choose from. Our R&D team will consult you and make sure you end up with the perfect solution for your device.

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Fast and safe

We can provide you with quick prototyping and delivery within a few weeks. We have dedicated production lines with latest safety and quality accreditations, which ensure that every product we create is safe and of highest quality.