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Design and engineering

We are an engineering and manufacturing company with dedicated personnel for electronic and mechanical design.

We offer the following design and engineering services:

  • Battery management system

  • Battery pack design (soft and hard)

  • Protection circuit modules (PCM)

  • Communication and HMI

  • Product integration and assembly

  • Testing and qualification

Battery pack production

EXO Industry has dedicated production lines with the latest safety and quality accreditation's, which ensure that every product we create is safe and of highest quality.

Our production lines have the following features:

  • Quality Management System (QMS)

  • ISO 9001 certification under process

Technical support

We have a dedicated technical support team all around Europe ready to assist with queries ranging from design to delivery.

We offer the following technical support for you projects:

  • Defining the need

  • Pre-study of the project

  • Specification requirements

  • Functional analysis

  • Hardware and software design

  • Industrial implementation

  • After sales

Quick prototype and testing

At EXO Industry we can provide you with quick prototyping and its delivery within a few weeks, all thanks to our own production facility located in the center of Europe.

We can offer the following example ready-to-use products to validate your concept:

  • 1S1P

  • 1S2P

  • 2S1P

Project management

EXO Industry have dedicated account managers who will guide you through the process of design, testing and delivery to your utmost satisfaction.

Under the CEBON umbrella, we have dedicated teams with 30+ years of experience engaging in the following project management services:

  • Logistics

  • Accounting

  • Warehouse management

  • Technical sales

  • Engineering consultants

  • External partners

  • Global account management


We provide expert guidance on regulatory and certification requirements for your battery project, ensuring all ends are covered and ready to go.

The following are some of the common certifications we work with:

  • UN38.3

  • UL

  • IEC